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How to allow non administrators to access the Empia software.
Last Updated 3 years ago

One of the files created when the Empia software is installed is set by default to only allow administrators to read, and write to the file. In order for a user or group to access the file, they require read and write permissions as well.

The file question is "/library/quicktime/empia.comp"

To locate this file simply click on the spotlight search (magnifying glass) icon in the upper right, and type in "/library/quicktime" (do not include the quotes) and press the return key.

Once the folder opens, you should see 3 files, and one of should be the "empia.comp" file. Right click on it and select the option for "get Info". One of the options in the get info menu is "Sharing & Permissions". Click on the lock at the bottom, and enter you administrator password, to allow changes.

Allow read and write access to the appropriate user and/or groups, log out completely, and login in to the non-admin account. The software should then function for the non-administrator user.

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