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Why am I hearing a loud noise when I open Empia?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Opening the Empia software can sometimes cause a loud squelching noise. This sound is referred to as feedback. It is caused by the microphone picking up the a sound from the speakers and sending it back out again.

To solve this issue, you will need to change the default input device in the Empia software. We recommend you mute your speakers before beginning.

Start by opening the Empia software.
Click on the "record" tab at the top, and select the "sound settings..." option.
In a new window there will be an option for "Source"
Select the "USB 28286 device" and click on the "OK" option in the lower right hand corner.
Un-mute the speakers, and play content from your source device. You should be able to hear the audio from the source device.

Once you can hear the source audio, you are good to start recording.

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