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Is the VC500 Supported on Windows 10?
Last Updated 7 years ago

The VC500CXT model device is supported on Windows 10. You can verify the model of your device by looking at the sticker on the back of the device. Any Devices purchased from an authorized retailer, after January 2014 will be one of these models.

You should see a label that looks like this:


As long as it looks like the image above, the device will work on windows 10 using these Drivers.

If you are having issues installing to software, please see this article.


A new batch of the VC500 devices do not list VC500CXT, however this newest batch have serial numbers greater than DM218xxxxxx

If  you purchased you device after October 2015 and, your serial number is greater than DM218xxxxxx, then it will work with Windows 10


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