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How to setup Network mode on the GC2000
Last Updated 7 years ago

The GC2000 is the first Diamond capture card to support localized network streaming. The steps below will take you through the steps to configure and use this feature.

*****Note: supported devices must be connected to the same local network (subnet) in order to connect to the GC2000.*****

Start by installing the shareview software from the disk. You can do this by navigating to the disk, opening the shareview folder, then opening the folder appropriate for your operating system, and finally clicking on the "setup" application. Click Next 3 times, then click "install". Once the installer is complete, you will see an icon on you desktop.


Double click on the icon, and the application will launch.  After a few seconds, the "Device" and "Source Input" fields will populate, and show you the GC200 and it's IP address. Click the "play" icon to open the video window and play the video and audio.


Once the video is playing, the other options on the control bar will activate, and allow you to adjust volume, take a screenshot or record your video (video recording only works with non-HDCP sources.). The "Live"  Option on the right will allow you to send the data out to a streaming service like (requires login in the setup page)

The Gear icon gets you into the settings, multiple users may connect to the same card, but only the first person to connect will be able to control the settings. There are 3 tabs and several settings, so we will go over each one.

The drop down menu at the top will allow you to connect to a different GC2000 device, if there is more than one on your network.


The settings here are:
Input Source: Controls how your video is coming into the card, HDMI or YPbPr.
Output Size:  Controls resolution output to all connected computers. YPbPr supports upto 480/576p, HDMI supports upto 720p.
Bitrate:  controls video quality. 480/576p supports bitrates up to 5Mbps, 720p supports bitrates up to 8Mbps. Your Ethernet and router speeds will have a direct effect on the functionality of a specific bit rate.
Color:  Adjusts various settings to correct color or minor video distortion. 


These settings effect where your videos and images are saved. Above are the defaults, but you can change to another drive or location by pressing browse. The language option changes the language of the interface. Language options include: English, Spanish, French, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, etc.

The final settings page is the live streaming settings. This is where you would login to your streaming service to stream out. Twitch, Ustream, and custom RTMP are supported. Simply feed in your user name and password. Choose a server that is physically close to you, and click "save." Once the settings are locked in, you can simply click the "live" button on the main control panel, and your data will go out to the service you selected.


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