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How do I stream with the GC 2000?
Last Updated 7 years ago

To stream with the GC 2000 you need to open the Game share software. The game share software is preprogramed to stream to Twitch and Ustream .   If you are using another streaming site other then Ustream and Twitch you can select the Custom RTMP under ID type in your user name then your password. You can select the Channel is applicable then the URL of the site you are going to stream to as well as your stream key then Connect. image

Here you just enter your user name and password for Twitch.  If you do not have a Twitch account you can sign up for an account here.


If you are using Ustream click the drop down arrow and select Ustream and enter your user name and password. 

Once you click Connect as long as the information is correct you will be connected to your streaming service. This will bring up your streaming window. To start streaming click on the globe with the arrow pointing up and once again to stop the stream. 

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