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How to setup the GC200 for standalone mode.
Last Updated 6 years ago

The GC2000 "Stand alone mode" allows the GC2000 to capture video directly to an SD card. A PC connection is required to configure the device, but one is not necessary while the device is capturing video. Power can be supplied using a USB to wall adapter. A 5 volt 1 amp adapter is sufficient.

To set this up, you first must install the drivers and software provided on disk, and connect the card to the computer in PC mode. Once the Power light stops flashing and the mode light turns blue, we are ready to begin. The SD card MUST be connected at this stage.


Once everything is installed you will have several icons added to your desktop. The one that matters for standalone mode is the icon simply labeled as "Standalone"


When the software opens (it may take a second), you will get a screen like this: 


The options here allow you to control the resolution of the captured video, the bit rate (read quality), and the source where the audio is picked up. 

The resolution is typically mostly dependent on the TV or monitor you are using, however most consoles have been known to scale down when a game is launched. This will cause black bars to appear around the video image. The one in the image is currently set to 720p.

Once the settings are set correctly, Click apply, and the window will close. You can then disconnect the GC2000 from the computer, connect it to a USB power adapter, or a USB connection on the source device and connect it to your non-HDCP protected Source Device. 

Once the lights are light back on, it will be ready to go.  Simply press the button on the top to start and stop recording.

Here are some expected file sizes for each bit rate:
~ 3mbps - 10 min recording at 1280x720 = 234mb
~ 5mbps - 10 min recording at 1280x720 = 380mb
~ 8mbps - 10 min recording at 1280x720 = 600mb
~ 15mbps - 10 min recording at 1280x720 = 1.07 gb
~ 20mbps - 10 min recording at 1280x720 = 1.42 gb

~ 20mbps - 10 min recording at 1920x1080 = 1.43 gb
~ 15mbps - 10 min recording at 1920x1080 = 1.06 gb

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