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Arcsoft Showbiz File Export
Last Updated 8 years ago

Besides providing disk burning support, the Arcsoft Showbiz software that is included with the VC500 also has the ability to create new files and commit any edits to it. To do this you would simply edit your video as detailed here:

Once your editing is complete you would click "Produce" at the top, and select the option for "Create File"


You should then see the "Create File" window.


In order to create a file, the "Type" and "Manufacturer" must be file and file format respectively (as seen above).

The format and Quality/speed options are up to you. If you intend to burn this file to a disk, we recommend using the MPEG2 File Format.

There are several other formatting options - click on the file type for more info.

MP4 - We recommend this for Youtube uploads or archival purposes.

For Quality/Speed, We recommend that you leave it on "High Quality" to preserve the data as best as possible. However, if there are file size constraints, you can set it to "Standard".

The final step before starting the file creation is setting where you want the video file to be saved. By default is will drop the file into the "My Videos" folder in your libraries. Clicking on the Browse button will allow you to choose another location on your computer to save the file.

image                 image

Finally, click "Start" - and the file will be created in the location you specified. The process can take a while depending on the length of the movie and the specs of you computer.

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