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Can I use Showbiz to capture video?
Last Updated 8 years ago

Yes, Indeed you can. You just need to make sure that the "Capture Module" in Showbiz is configured correctly.

1) Start by Opening the showbiz software. In the upper left, click on the "Capture" tab.
     a) If you get an error here, Please see our THIS FAQ.

2) When the new window opens, start by looking at the "Source" menu in the upper left. This should be set for "Capture Device"

3) The next object down is the "Video Input" setting. This needs to be set for composite, if you are using the Yellow pin for video, or S-video, if you are using a black cable for video.

4) Next is the "Audio Device" - This MUST be set for "Audio Pin Source". If it is set for "Analog Audio in (USB2.0 Video C" in, It will produce an error. Please see the article linked above for a solution.


5) A bit further down the screen there is a button for "Device Settings", click on this button and a new window will pop out. There should be a minimum of 2 tabs. The one we want is "Video Decoder".

6) On this tab, there is a setting for "Video Standard" - It must be set for NTSC_M for north America. You may need to Scroll up in the list to find the correct option.


After all is set correctly, you should be able to view and record your video simultaneously.

Simply click on the red Record button to start the recording, and the green Stop button to stop it.

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