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I can not find my file!
Last Updated 7 years ago

When trying to locate a file in showbiz for editing and burning, you need to know where EZgrabber is saving the files. This location can be be seen in the EZGrabber setup, on the "record" tab. 

Recently, windows has began to hide and protect the folder that EZGrabber saves to by default.

If you have already record a file, then you can get it out of the aforementioned hidden and protected folder following these steps:

1) Open the EZGrabber
2) Click on the "open file" option in EZGrabber.(the folder button on the left side of the EZGrabber tool bar)
3) Select the video, and right click on it. (you may need to hold the shift key on the keyboard while doing this to get the correct options to appear)
4) Highlight the "Send to" option, and click on the option for "Documents"

This will place a copy of the file in your "Documents folder".

You can then correct this issue by changing the folder where EZgrabber saves the file. Follow the steps below to do this.

1) Open the EZGrabber, and go into the setup (click on the tan gear on the right side of the tool bar.)
2) Click on the "Record" tab at the top
3) click the "Browse" button on the bottom right side
4) Choose a new location for the files to be saved. We recommend "C:\users\[user_name]\my videos" 
5) Verify that the "Record format" is set for DVD or MPG4, and click OK at the bottom.

You should be able to record a new file, and it should output to the folder you specified.

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