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How do I resolve an IP conflict?
Last Updated 8 years ago

An IP conflict happens when multiple devices try to get the same IP address from the router. You can resolve this issue by assigning the repeater a static IP address.

You can assign a static IP to you repeater by following these steps:

1) Find out your internal IP address. The easiest way to do this is to open up a command line browser (open the start menu and type in "cmd" and press enter) then type in "ipconfig" into the command line window and press enter. Look for a field labeled "IPv4 address". It should be something like

2) Connect into the repeater. If you have to reset it to do so, it wont have any effect on setting we place after the reset.

3) Click on the "System" tab at the top

4) Just below the 4 'main' buttons, there will be a red bar with 6 more tabs. One of them will be labeled "Local" Click on that and you'll be taken to a page with 2 text fields.

5) Decide on what address you want to give the device. Standard DHCP ranges are 2-200. I recommend a 205 address. so the IP address you'd assign would be 192.168.x.205 ('x' being the number from section 1.)

6) place the chosen number in the field labeled "Router IP address" and click "Apply"

If you reset the device, go back into it using the address you assigned it and do the setup again, and you should be good to go.

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